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I Am Israel - Documentary Film

What if Iran had 'The Button'?

A video produced by the American Jewish Committee asks: given the damage Iran has wrought with the technology currently at its disposal, what would Iran do with "the button"?

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The AJC's Aaron Jacob spoke with Israel National TV and explains his organization's protests against Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Jacob also discussed the United Nations' Goldstone report.

IDF Videos Disprove Goldstone Report

by IsraelINN Staff

(IsraelNN.com) September 22, 2009
The IDF has uploaded two videos on YouTube, apparently as part of the government effort to refute the recent United Nations report by Richard Goldstone that accused the Jewish State of alleged war crimes. The commission led by Goldstone investigated the Operation Cast Lead counterterrorist campaign in Gaza from late December 2008 until mid-January of this year. Read the full story >> More Israel News...

The following video shows a Hamas terrorist repeatedly attempting to use innocent bystanders, including children, as human shields. The terrorist approaches a group of three children who run away from him, and then the terrorist lies on the ground feigning an injury. Afterward the terrorist walks into a civilian compound and approaches a man who pushes him away, he then enters a civilian building.

The video below shows a Hamas terrorist firing a rocket from the roof of a house and then calling to a group of children accompanied by an adult to come to the entrance of the house to escort him out.