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'UK Must Repent for Anti-Semitism'

by Hana Levi Julian

IraelNN.com) September 9, 2009
Members of "Love Never Fails" -- an alliance of pro-Israel Christian ministries in the United Kingdom -- this week called on the UK to repent for its anti-Semitic ways while attending a ceremony to mark the 1929 Hevron pogrom in which 67 Jews were slaughtered by their Arab neighbors 80 years ago.

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The alliance, formed in order to express repentance and sorrow for two thousand years of anti-Semitism within the Church, presented a plaque to the Hevron community entitled "In Sorrow and Shame."

The plaque states the group's recognition that "officers of the British administration neglected their duty to protect the Jewish citizens of Hebron during the Arab uprising in 1929. 'Father, Forgive us,' we pray."


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