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Christians against the Jewish Return

By David Howard Sudlow.
The Bible tells us the restoration of the Jewish people to their historic land of Palestine is to happen in progressive stages; one previous to the second coming of Christ; and the other following that great event. The first will be a partial restoration and the second will be total by the mighty hand of God. We have seen the first stage come to pass in the modern State of Israel. It is a great proof that God is faithful to all His promises and that the second will be fulfilled at the return of Christ. It should be a great sign of hope for all Christians. Today there are many well meaning Christians taking a stand against the lawful return of the Jews to their land. They either reject or explain away the covenant promises God has made for Israel. It is also true that some would rather choose fear of Israel’s enemies than the fear of the Lord which is the beginning of wisdom. Since the end of the 1st World War, the Christian nations have hindered the Jewish return and divided the historic land of Israel by trading it for false peace. The unmistakable facts are that this is what a large part of the Church is doing today by means of boycotting their economy, calling Zionism racism, and propagating Replacement Theology.

I will explain my point of Christians against the Jewish return. The Balfour Declaration was a statement by the British government in November 1917 calling for a “national home for the Jewish people”.

The 1917 Balfour Declaration

In 1920, the international peace negotiators incorporated the Balfour Declaration into the Treaty of Sevres and called for a Mandate in Palestine. Two years later the League of Nations instructed the British Mandate authorities to “facilitate” Jewish immigration and settlement of Palestine. At first many European and Arab leaders hoped the Jews would revive this small, impoverished and sparsely populated region. Then, in response to growing Arab pressure, Britain went against the Mandate and cut off three quarters of Palestine, granting it to the Hashemites and forbidding any Jewish settlement in what has become Jordan. Today the majority of Jordanians are Palestinian Arabs in what was supposed to be the so called Palestinian State. In 1923, Britain again violated the Mandate and gave the Golan Heights to the French Mandate which later became Syria. So we see the nations, including the Christian nations have hindered and divided the land that lawfully belongs to Israel as an everlasting covenant.

British Mandate 
Then finally, after the country of the Reformation succeeded in killing six million Jews, the newborn State of Israel fulfilled the ancient prophecies. It took the terrible judgment of WWII and the plight of European Jewry to push the British and the United Nations to go further with the Balfour Declaration. YES, God uses judgment to bring about His purposes! What had been a steady trickle of Jews returning to their historic God given land then became a flood. As opposition to the new wave of Jewish immigrants grew, once again Britain bowed to Arab pressure to restrict their immigration. Yet, in spite of British and Arab efforts to stop it, the Israeli State was established. By then, Islam was fully awakened with its determined goal of NO Jewish State ever being allowed on Moslem conquered land. The Arab nations immediately declared war and in spite of overwhelming odds Israel prevailed miraculously.

Now of course the British State did not exactly represent the Church and neither did the German Third Reich. But many people of both countries were sincere Christians who did not believe in the promises Almighty God had made with the Jewish people. Many had very anti-Semitic theological views and others misinterpreted the Bible to justify their siding with Moslem demands. The situation today is no different. Many Christians from all nations deny the Scriptures that God has made an everlasting covenant with the Jews alive today. They refuse to believe and in place of truth they accept the greatest lies against the Jewish people. This is the sad history of the Church repeated over and over again. It is a corporate sin of the Church of which we must repent.

What is happening at this very moment? Out of fear of radical Islam and a misguided political correctness, our leaders would rather side with our sworn enemies and force Israel to divide Jerusalem for a false peace. This is ludicrous! It is clear from history that Islam will never be satisfied with any so called Two State Solution. True Islamic belief cannot allow any sovereignty over the smallest part of Israel unless it is held by the followers of Mohamed. The once Christian nations who side with Israel’s sworn enemies and deny the Jewish right of return to Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria will one day find they have been fighting against God’s plan.

You may say, “Ok, I believe the Bible, but what about treating the dispossessed Palestinians in a fair way?” The real question is who has been dispossessed? Treating any of the people who may truly be dispossessed in today’s Israel in a fair way is another issue. If you are talking about the rights of individual Arabs, that can be enforced in Israeli courts. If you are talking about Palestinians as a people and that they have a claim to territorial sovereignty that is a different thing all together which has no legitimate basis.

In 1948, at the start of the effort to destroy the new born State, the attacking nations told their Arab brothers in the land to flee their homes and that it would end quickly with the death of the Jews. We all know the outcome and today we see clearly how true Islamic believers will never settle for anything but the Crescent flag flying over ALL the land God gave Abraham, Isaac and Jacob’s descendants. Much of the predicament the Palestinian people find themselves in and especially the issue of refugees, is due to the fact that the Arab nations want it to be so as an effective political pawn to once again conquer all of Palestine.

Many Christians only hear the slanted news influenced by radical Islamists and a media that is biased against Israel. Their view and understanding of the truth is therefore slanted against Israel. Not so long ago Bethlehem’s population was close to 90% Christian and today it is about 10%. This is due to militant Islam, not Israel. I have personally seen Christian homes in Bethlehem which have been destroyed by Israeli guns, all because of Islamic terrorists who purposely used their windows and front lawns to shoot at Jews in the valley below. I know the personal stories of Palestinian Christian doctors and workers brutally murdered by their neighbors because their work was converting some of them to follow Jesus. No, Bethlehem has been emptied of Christians by radical Islam and not by the Jews of Israel. The media very rarely tells the true story.

As Christian supporters of Israel, we do not have to approve of everything they do, but we should support all their God given Covenant promises and stand against all anti-Semitic and satanic attacks to destroy them. If we don’t, we are following the footsteps of the Crusaders, Martin Luther and the many Christians in history who consented to their persecution or were silent, when they should have stood up for our elder brother.

Dear fellow Christian, the end of the Church Age is upon us, the hour is very late and only God could have brought to pass the rebirth of the Jewish State of Israel. The return of the Jews is the absolute proof that the last moments of time for the Gentiles are expiring. We are the generation seeing the Apostle Paul’s prophetic words come to pass, “I would not, brethren, that you should be ignorant of this mystery, lest you should be wise in your own conceits; that blindness in part is happened to Israel, until the fullness of the Gentiles is come in.” The LORD has brought them home to Israel, because His plan is to reveal Himself to them in the only land He gave them as an everlasting covenant. According to the Jewish prophet Zechariah, it will be in Jerusalem inhabited by the house of David, that the Almighty will remove their “blindness in part” and they will recognize Christ, whom we ALL pierced.

There are tremendous challenges and troubles ahead for Israel, but there are also great horrible judgments and tribulation coming on apostate Christendom for refusing to listen to her Apostles and Prophets. God has already pronounced woe to those who are found negating His promises for our Jewish brothers, “I will bless those that bless thee, and curse those who curse thee.” The nations and people currently forcing Israel into a false peace are going to pay a heavy price.

As for me and my house, we are looking and praying for the next stage of the restoration of the Jews. The true and lasting Peace of Jerusalem will come soon in Christ’s great promise; “Surely, I come quickly.” Even so, come LORD Jesus!

David Howard Sudlow represents a fifth generation Christian family who has supported God’s covenant promises for the Jewish people and their Zionist aspirations. In 1995, with the backing of Christians for Israel, Int’l, David started C4I in the United States and Canada. He and his wife Nita are the parents of ten children and live in the USA.