Who is Christians for Israel?


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Example Projects we support


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I Am Israel - Documentary Film

Christians for Israel helps the Jews at home

We support a variety of organisations, individuals and projects in Israel. Our goal is to help the Jewish people to become truly rooted in the land. See below:

Survivors of terror

Hineni fulfils an important role in the help for survivors of terror.

Representatives of Hineni visit the victims and their families in the first hours after the attack. After some time. When the physical situation of the victims has improved, often psychological problems appear; Hineni provides therapy and practical support to the survivors and their families.

The Hineni Foundation in Jerusalem is led by Benjamin Philip, a Dutch-born Jew who made ALIYAH some 10 years ago. Read more >> 

Children & Youth in Israel


Children of Sderot

In Israel today, approximately 40% of all children (Jew and Arab) are at risk due to poverty.

In addition to this, hundreds of Israeli children struggle with disabilities, yet their families simply cannot afford the very special care and attention their children need. Christians for Israel USA specifically focuses on helping the needy children of Israel in a variety of ways.

Among other essential provisions, Christians for Israel USA is especially pleased to be providing special food for children who cannot be fed orally, but rather by tubes through their stomachs. We support various Israeli after-school programs, providing children with computers, tutoring and any other needs the children have in order to complete homework assignments. These children are given at least one, delicious hot meal daily, since they cannot be fed properly at home.

Please help us take care of the children of Israel who are at risk by clicking here.

The rocket and mortar attacks have killed many people, mostly civilians, and injured hundreds more, but their main effect is their creation of widespread psychological trauma and disruption of daily life among the Israeli populace. Medical studies in Sderot, the Israeli city closest to the Gaza Strip, have documented a post-traumatic stress disorder incidence among young children of almost 94%, as well as high rates of depression and miscarriage.


David Portowicz has dedicated his life to support young people ages varying from 2-14 years, and setup rescue shelters in the cities of Jaffa, Beit Shemesh, and Jerusalem. This has become another refuge for children that are experiencing situations of neglect, violence, and sexual abuse.

Years ago, the Jaffa Institute started with a handful of children. Nowadays, over 5,000 children find a true and safe haven providing, love, compassion, and counseling.
Some of these children have sisters, who work as prostitutes, or brothers that are addicted to drugs, or parents that can't find work or are seriously ill and in need of care, adicted to drugs, or parents that can't find work or are seriously ill.

Isreali communities Judea and Samaria - we don't call this the 'West Bank' like the media does

With the help of Christians for israeli communities (CFOIC), thousands of Christians have provided financial support for community projects.

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