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The mission of Christians for Israel International is to teach Christians worldwide about God’s purposes with Israel – and what that means for us Christians in today’s world. Coordinators have been appointed in many countries to develop this ministry. Meet the people with a passion to share the mystery of Israel!

Former Soviet Union
The Ukraine is since 1991 an independent Republic. When the Iron Curtain came down, the borders were opened for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Now almost 1 million of the 48 million inhabitants are Christians.

Koen and Ira Carlier are C4I Coordinators for the FSU (Former Soviet Union): “Christians in the FSU have an enormous hunger for the truth. They like to read, but there is little teaching available about God’s relationship with the Jewish people and His plans with the nation of Israel. That is why we have translated the book “Why Israel?” into Russian and Ukrainian. Now we are actively developing a Russian-language newspaper that seeks to put the current affairs around Israel in Biblical perspective. Newspapers in the Ukraine and FSU are a great way of spreading information because they are read, re-read and passed on to others. A newspaper can reach people we would not otherwise reach.

In addition, we are developing Russian and Ukrainian language teaching programs for Church leaders and teachers, so that they will be better equipped to teach others about God’s love for His people.

In summary: there is a huge need for education in the FSU, but the people are poor and cannot afford to pay for information. We hope that Christians in the West will feel called to help us to carry out our plans for blessing the Church in the former Soviet Union.”

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Koen and Ira and their colleagues need your help to reach the churches in Europe with the message about God's love for Israel. We urge you to prayerfully consider partnering with Christians for Israel to make their work possible:

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