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Pope’s visit to Israel by Kees de Vreugd

In more than one respect the Pope’s visit to Israel has been disappointing. Although it was seen as an important sign of his support to the Christian community in the Holy Land, the Pope failed to discern what the real cause is of the deteriorating situation of the Christians in what a major Christian city like Bethlehem.
What is more, where as Cardinal Ratzinger he played an active role in developing new theological views on Judaism and the relation of the Church with the Synagogue, as Pope Benedict he did not answer the expectations in this respect. His visit was characterized as cold, in spite of the friendly welcome he received in Israel.
It seems that the Pope has – almost literally – gone down on his knees before Islam. Only once did he show courage: when sheikh Tamimi in the Jerusalem Notre Dame Centre poured out the vials of his wrath upon Israel, the Pope left the stage, preceded by the rabbi’s present.
Nevertheless, the impression the Pope’s visit to the Middle East left was that he, by what he said and what he did not say or do, in fact confirmed the dhimmy status of Christians and Jews under Islamic superiority.
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