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Nuclear Iran – First ‘Suicide State’?

Henk Kamsteeg, Thursday, April 15, 2010

Israel’s prime minister should take a heed:

Do not embrace Obama’s cheer-leading belief that reason and rationality govern this world and his hope for a world free of nuclear weapons is realistic. It is not!

The fact that 5.5 Million Jews’ lives seem to depend on Obama is scary, and beyond any word.

President Obama’s naive belief in rationalitywith irrational Iran – could turn Israeli cities into cemeteries is shocking, terrifying, and must infuriate any human being!

Doesn’t Obama understand by now the critical fact that the unspeakable goal of all Israel’s Islamist enemies is Jewish extermination? It is no secret, they express this genocidal goal openly! The most irony is that the ancient Jewish nation ingathered in 1948 precisely to prevent another Holocaust has now become the fevered focus of another Final Solution Holocaust!

Pressured by President Obama to exchange land for nothing, Israel is being pushed to collaborate in its own disappearance!
True peace in the Middle East requires real wisdom. Such wise insight must be based upon a true awareness of jihadist goals and capabilities. Israel should know that for Barack Obama, this calls for a much deeper understanding of the interpenetrating and existential threats to Israel posed by Iran and “Arabstine,” which appears he does not wants to know and understand.
(Source: Nurit Greenger)