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'Israel & Christians Today' newspaper  is a bi-monthly printed publication

The main purpose of Israel & Christians Today is to explore the relationship between the Church, the nations and Israel (the Jewish people) from a Biblical perspective. The newspaper takes the position that God is faithful to His promises and that the restoration of the nation of Israel in our generation is a sign of Hope for the Church of the Coming of the Lord. Our message is intended for believers in the Lord Jesus Christ to discover God's promises for the Jewish people and the Church and the fulfillment of Biblical prophecy of which we are called to be part.

This wonderful source of information endeavors to keep the readers up to date without the bias that can accompany some reports about the Middle East.  Armed with this knowledge and information, prayer for Israel will become an even more prevalant aspect of your daily routine.

This unique paper is printed in several languages to serve Dutch, German, Austrian and Swiss speaking communities, while the English version for the American, British, New Zealand, Australian and other International English speaking countries are distributed to well over 200,000 subscribers worldwide!

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