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Netanyahu: World owes Israel an apology

Israel Today
Tuesday, November 11, 2010 - Ryan Jones - Israel Today
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday insisted that the international community owes Israel an apology for readily accepting Hamas propaganda surrounding the most recent Gaza war and using it to accuse the Jewish state of war crimes.

Speaking in New Orleans at the Jewish Federation of North America’s General Assembly, Netanyahu called the UN-commissined Goldstone Report on the conduct of that conflict “a modern day blood libel.” In the report, the UN investigation team accused Israel of targeting Palestinian civilians. It also accepted at face value inflated Palestinian casualty figures.

But last week, Hamas Interior Minister Fathi Hammad told London-based Arabic newspaper al-Hayat that Hamas itself had lost some 700 fighters in what Israel termed “Operation Cast Lead.” That is very close to the overall conservative Palestinian death toll.

In light of that revelation by Hamas, Netanyahu said the world “owes Israel an apology.”