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Military intelligence expert gives grim assessment of Iran’s nuclear threat

By Dr. Mike Evans.
Retired General William Boykin, former Deputy Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence, recently took a serious look at the threat posed by Iran—not just to Israel but to the United States as well. He wrote:

A nuclear weapon gives the Iranian President a means of achieving his ultimate goal of ushering in the reign of his Mahdi. Current Iranian missile capabilities possess the range to reach Tel Aviv, which has been the primary target of Ahmadenejiad’s vitriolic rhetoric, consisting of threats of annihilation of the Jewish state. An attack on Israel would create a huge problem for the United States. Whether or not America responded with military, economic, and diplomatic assistance for Israel, the U.S. economy would feel the devastating effect immediately. Any turbulence in the Persian Gulf region will drive crude oil prices up, striking a significant blow to the fragile global economy, including that of the United States.

But there is also a threat to the American homeland that is even more sinister. Iran considers the U.S. a huge impediment to achieving its goal of a global caliphate (Islamic super-state). Called the “Great Satan” by the Islamic regime, like Israel, America is a target that Iran wants desperately to destroy, or at least to devastate. Current Iranian missile technology does not give Iran the capability to reach the shores of the U.S., although that technology is improving rapidly. That said, it is important to understand that there are other ways to attack America using the current capabilities of Iran that could result in death, destruction, and disruption of the American way of life.

The threat against Israel today is the most serious the Jewish state has faced since her rebirth in 1948. Today we MUST do all that we can to stand in the gap to deliver Israel from destruction. After spending a week in prayer and fasting in the Holy City, I am more certain than ever that God has a crucial role for us to play in this vital spiritual battle.