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Major US Protests Against Ahmedinajad

by Hillel Fendel

(IsraelNN.com) September 23, 2009
Several major protests are scheduled for 12 noon on Thursday, in New York City, Washington, and elsewhere, against Iranian President Ahmadinejad’s scheduled speech in the United Nations.

In New York City, a host of organizations will be gathering outside the UN at Dag Hammerskjold Plaza, 42nd St. & 2nd Ave. The rally will call for

“freedom from Iran’s nuclear threat to Israel, America and the free world; freedom from the United Nation’s anti-Semitism and hatred of Israel; freedom from the threat of Radical Islam to the free world; and freedom from Obama’s anti-Israel policy of pandering to the Arab world and pressuring Israel to self-destruct.”

Protestors are being asked to bring Israeli and American flags, as well as banners and signs. “As radical Islam is on the march,” Americans for a Safe Israel/AFSI explains, “fueled by Saudi and Iranian money and terror, abetted by the United Abominations, one has to be prepared to answer the child’s question:
"What did you do to prevent this from happening?’”

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