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Israelis continue saving lives in Haiti


Wednesday, January 20, 2010 Israel Today Staff
Israeli rescue teams in Haiti assisted in the rescue and treatment of another two survivors discovered among the rubble of the devastated capital of Port-au-Prince on Tuesday.

Together with rescue teams from Russia, Nicaragua and Venezuela, the Israelis helped pull two live female victims from a collapsed building.

One of the women was rushed to the Israeli field hospital where she received life-saving treatment.

The Israeli field hospital and the overall Israeli effort in Haiti continues to garner praise and accolades from world leaders and the international press. Hundreds have been treated at the Israeli hospital, 90 lives have been saved following severe injuries, and five babies have been delivered.

The Israeli facility is the only one on the scene equipped to handle the complex surgical procedures so many of the victims require. As a result, aid workers from many other countries are volunteering at the Israeli field hospital.
Currently, 10 surgical teams from Britain, eight Columbian doctors and nine volunteers from California are working together with the Israelis at the facility.