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Israel still America’s closest ally

Israel would be the only country where the American flag is rarely (if ever) burned in protest, and avenues in major American cities are named for Yitzhak Rabin and Golda Meir. Arguably, we thought, there is no alliance in the world today more durable and multifaceted than that between the United States and Israel.
But after George W. Bush left the scene and made way for Barack Hussein Obama to become the U.S. President, things seemed to change. Obama’s historic speech in Cairo to the “Muslim world” in June, when he cuddled up with the Arabs and spoke about Islam as if he were a Muslim theologian, many people wondered whether it was time for Israel to look for another ally.

However, the result of a recent Rasmussen poll in America puts the matter to rest. Despite Obama’s overtures to the Arab world, the past months have not seen a dampening of American’s optimism regarding relations with Israel – 70 percent of Americans say Israel is a U.S. ally, and 81 percent of American adults also believe Palestinian leaders must recognize Israel’s right to exist as part of any Middle Eastern peace agreement.

Having the support of so many American “non-Jews” for Israel is just wonderful, and that a time when much of the global public opinion views Israel through the distorted lenses of Arab and anti-Semitic defamation. Millions of mostly Evangelical Christians have emerged as Israel’s most staunch and devoted supporters, while many other Americans feel connected to Israel through the remembrance and legacy of the Holocaust.
The positive outcome of the Rasmussen poll shouldn’t surprise us that much. It is because of the shared values we have – the respect for human rights and the rule of law that is shared by the world’s most powerful country and the Middle East’s only stable democracy. There is also Israel’s determination to fight terror, and its willingness to share its intelligence and anti-terror expertise with the Americans – Israel is seen as a kind of bulwark against Islam.

Yet America has never yet recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. That would be the icing on the cake!