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Grave Danger...?

By Henk Kamsteeg

Best-selling author Joel C. Rosenberg warned the world four years ago in his action-packed fiction thriller “The Ezekiel Option” about the possibility that Israel would be seen as the number one threat to the Middle East given the nuclear arms it possesses.

Slowly but surely the spotlight is changing from “settlements” and “two-state solution” to “nuclear”. Shifting from nuclear Iran to nuclear Israel! This in an effort to force Jerusalem to disclose and dismantle its alleged nuclear weapons and join the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).

It is U.S. President Barack Obama who is making global nuclear disarmament his top foreign policy priority. That’s why he chaired the recent U.N. Security Council meeting, and pushed this agenda.
It is Obama who said he understands those who protest some countries have weapons and others do not, meaning no single nation should pick and choose which nations hold nuclear weapons.
As a policy statement, this means that Obama is now not just pointing the finger at Iranian nuclear weapons, but at any nation – really meaning Israel!

The Washington Times reported recently that Obama agreed to continue a confidential understanding between the U.S. and Israel which allows the Jewish State to bypass international inspection and review of its nuclear facilities and capabilities. However, both the White House and Israel’s American ambassador have refused to comment on the story…
Obama's decision to preserve the four decades-old agreement came during Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s visit to the White House in May, said the report.

Forcing Israel to open all of its facilities to inspection – including its top-secret plant in Dimona – is a direct threat to Israel’s security. If Israel refuses, Israel will be isolated and blamed for lack of progress on Iran, while Iran, playing its own strategic game-plan, seems to be opening its nuclear facilities for inspection…

Joel Rosenberg says that next thing you know Russia and Iran will form a coalition against Israel. It is increasingly conceivable that he will try to force Israel to "play by the same rules" as everyone else and disarm unilaterally, even though Israel has never threatened to "annihilate" a neighbor. Such a resolution against Israel could be introduced into the U.N. by Russia. The coalition against Israel could be led by Russia and Iran.

In that scenario, the prophecies of Ezekiel 38-39 come to pass in fairly short order. While it is too early to conclude that is what is happening now, it is not too early to intensify our prayers for the peace of Jerusalem, according to Psalm 122:6.