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Live Webcam Ha-Kotel-Jerusalem

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I Am Israel - Documentary Film


From time to time we include "Note-Worthy" commentaries.   Jesus is all about the Truth and not about politics.  Jesus: The Jew who divided history.


Fundamentally Freund: Missionaries to the church  

It was almost like being at a UN session, with one crucial difference:
"These people had come together to bless Israel, not to condemn it."
Recently, I was invited to speak to the Christians for Israel organization during an international leadership forum it convened in Jerusalem.

 Walid Shoebat, a Terrorsit who turned to Love

Interview With Walid Shoebat Part I


To know more about his background go to: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Walid_Shoebat

(Ret.) LT. General Jerry Boykin, speaker, Epicenter Conference:
Bible Prophecy happening NOW...

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 Jon Voight: God gave this land to the Jewish people

Son of Hamas speaks out on converting to Christianity, witnessing torture

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

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Welcome to ACT for America -  Brigitte Gabriel

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