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History Christians for Israel
Christians for Israel was established in 1979 in Holland and Jerusalem under the inspired leadership of Karel van Oordt and Pee Koelewijn.  Since then, the Lord has blessed this ministry richly with almost 35 years' of experience as a European-based ministry, which has grown out of the rich soil of the long and deep tradition of friendship between Holland and the Jewish people.

Karel van Oordt
April 10, 2013

With sadness, we wish to inform you that Karel van Oordt, the founder of Christians for Israel, passed away on Tuesday 9th April 2013, in his hometown Amersfoort. He was 84 years old.

Karel remained actively involved in the work of Christians for Israel and the Israel Products Center (IPC), until shortly before his death. He was an inspiration and example to so many of us, More...

We have bonds with many people and institutions in Israel; at all levels of society, we have built a solid network of branches and offices in Europe, Americas, Africa and Asia Pacific.  We have been so blessed in bringing our message and support, resulting in an ongoing growing network of contacts and activities in many other nations.  We are devoted and are working diligently developing and expanding a wide variety of educational resources and teaching materials in multiple languages.

Here are a few of many examples how we support Israel and help the Jews at home 

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