Who is Christians for Israel?


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Live Webcam Ha-Kotel-Jerusalem

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I Am Israel - Documentary Film

Finances and Governance

Christians for Israel International is based in the Netherlands
Christians for Israel International is a registered non-profit foundation under Dutch law and is subject to stringent regulatory controls.

Christians for Israel International operates as the hub in the wheel of the International Christians for Israel Ministry. It is responsible for development and coordination of international policy and strategy, media, training and regional development.
The officers of Christians for Israel International are:

President: Rev. Ds. Willem J.J. Glashouwer (Biography)
Executive Director: Andrew Tucker (Biography)

Christians for Israel branches and offices world-wide
Each Christians for Israel branch or office is established and regulated under the laws of the local jurisdiction.

Click here for a list of all Christians for Israel branches and representative offices:

Christians for Israel International, C4I National and International branches & offices do not receive any subsidies, and are entirely dependent upon donations.