Who is Christians for Israel?


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Why do Evangelical Christians love Israel and stand with the Jewish people?

Evangelical Christians realize that they now have a true spiritual relationship with God because the Jewish Patriarchs and Biblical Jewish Leaders – like Abraham, Daniel, Esther, Moses, Joshua, David and others – refused to assimilate into the cultures around them and stood strong for the One True God. Our ancestors were pagans…idol-worshippers with no hope of knowing the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob or His promises to them. But the Jewish people meticulously recorded and kept God’s Word and one day we were allowed to be “grafted into” the rich heritage of the Jewish people. The very Monotheism in which we live, was first pioneered and preserved by the Jewish people.
We stand with the Jewish people because God stands with them and has demonstrated this to the world by bringing them back into their homeland against all odds.
We stand with the Jewish people today because an enormous blasphemy was done through anti-Semitic hatred and evil acts committed against the Jews in the name of the God that we serve … Jesus Christ. As Christians, we have a responsibility to stand in the place of repentance before the Jews and to stand against all that has been done in the name of Christ, but not in the character of Christ.
All of the values of Western Civilization and Democracy as we know it are directly traceable to the Jewish people and their value system. We support Israel because it is the only Democracy in a sea of totalitarian regimes and dictatorships.
Lastly, we stand with the Jews and with Israel because we have a common enemy – Radical Islam – which is dedicated to the destruction of our Judeo-Christian values and our democratic way of life. We owe it to our children and our children’s children to speak out in this hour of history and say “Never Again!” Never again will we, as Christians, be silent and never again will the Jews stand alone.