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Live Webcam Ha-Kotel-Jerusalem

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I Am Israel - Documentary Film

A member of the Dutch Parliament just defended Israel in a way that will blow your mind!

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This one of the very last opportunities to support. Obama Betrays Israel At The United Nations - Is America's Reprieve Now Over? 

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January 15th: 70 Nations Will Gather In Paris To Discuss The Future Of Israel. Read more

Christians for Israel denounces UN Security Council resolution condemning
Israeli settlements -

Our mission is to bring Biblical understanding in the Church and among the nations concerning God's purposes for Israel and to promote comfort of Israel through prayer and action

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We continue celebrating our 20 year Anniversary where Christians for Israel helped well over 130,000 Jewish people build a future in Israel because of your incredible prayers and financial support!

We are URGENTLY calling on ALL of YOU to not only pray but also financially support the Ukrainian Jews who are facing incredible hardships in order to survive not only the harsh winters but are also preparing for a potential 3rd revolution.

Dark clouds above the land of the north

You hardly hear anything about it, but the war in the east between the Ukrainian army and the separatist militants continues unabatedly. We could clearly hear that during our stay there. The fights in the vicinity of the large seaport and industrial city of Mariupol intensified. Ironically enough a new non-official border wall arose there manned by the army to enter and leave the war zone. 


At the same time “walls” are being demolished between Christians and Jews who give their very best to collectively help fleeing Jews and those who want to leave for good. Several local rabbis realize now that the Almighty is bringing His people home from the Diaspora (dispersion). They place their community center at the Jewish Agency’s and Christians for Israel’s disposal to explain what it means to make aliyah. Until recently this was unthinkable.

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Ron Dermer’s brilliant speech destroys the lies being spread about Israel:

Save and Rebuild Israeli Lives on Israel's Borders!

Hamas Bombed Sderot on Friday and hit a Kindergarten!

Read more on: http://www.csmonitor.com/World/Middle-East/2016/0702/Israeli-airstrikes-on-Hamas-after-rocket-hits-empty-Sderot-kindergarten

Fox - Iran threatening with missiles

We need to be prepared.  A Cutting-Edge Rehab & Medical Center in Israel's border town, Sderot, needs to be completed before the next round of assaults. Israel is on the Frontlines in the Fight Against Radical Islam. Sderot is Israel's Border Town on the Frontline.

Israel's Enemies on its Southern Border are preparing for another round of battle. We need to be ready! Israeli towns in the south have been put on full alert for terror but the Sderot Medical Center is still unfinished.

If You Don’t See God’s Hand Here, Look Again

Miracle at Entebbe - 40th Anniversary

The most amazing rescue mission in modern history was accomplished on the same day that the United States celebrated the Bicentennial,
July 4, 1976. Israel’s stunning and miraculous rescue of Jewish hostages that were taken from a hijacked Air France flight amazed the entire world. The daring rescue that showed the world over that Jews
will never ever be left to others to care for their safety. Only the Israel Defense forces can be relied on.

“All of Israel is responsible for one another.” This lesson was demonstrated through this momentous attack ordered by the Israeli government led by Yitzhak Rabin. Another lesson to learn from the successful attack is that when we act with daring, planning, belief, and courage, the Lord above will do HIS part too.



Israel's Independence Day 2016, Thursday, May 12, 2016

The Most Powerful Israel Memorial Day Video that Brought Me to Tears

Israel’s population tops 8.5 million at 68th anniversary

PM Benjamin Netanyahu's Greeting for Independence Day 2016LOCAUST REMEMBERANCE DAY

Click on the picture below to hear PM Netanyahu's Remarks on International Holocaust Remembrance Day

Watch the Why Israel Introduction from a Biblical Perspective


America desperately needs a truthful standard bearer as our next president.
We really are at a very serious and dangerous time for our divided nation. Will ‘We the People’ make the right choice? Our only hope of not going off the cliff is to find the unity that always gives God’s blessing.
Our great strength has been our unity for truth founded in our Judeo-Christian world view. It includes God’s standard of truth for moral clarity and righteousness.
It is the only way we can escape the Lord’s righteous judgments.

It is between YOU and God!
God's Word teaches us about the End Times and to be aware of false teachings and many warning signs!
Something to truly investigate; pray earnestly, seek God's will before you vote for our next
MUST BE Christian USA president!


We urge you to be no longer deceived by what the Media (not God) is promoting,
ignoring so much of His Word
and how we think we can resolve our crisis without God!
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Want to re-live or watch the 2015 WHY ISRAEL CONFERENCE at East Bay Foursquare Church?

Rev. Willem J.J. Glashouwer, President of Christians for Israel International conducted a 'Why Israel?' seminar at East Bay Foursquare Church, Danville, CA on Saturday, October 24, 2015. More>>>

Bring the Jews Home - C4I Ukraine - Update January 2016

As the Mideast Descends into Chaos, Israel Must Have Defensible Borders

Jewish History - Evidence Of Ancient Israel - Full Documentary


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Dennis Prager Shut Down Oxford University With This Extraordinary Speech

Why does Obama call ISIS “ISIL”, and what does it have to do with Israel?

Have you ever noticed that every time Barack Obama talks about ISIS he calls them ISIL? Every politician, every news outlet, everyone in the world calls the terror group ISIS.
President Obama’s words are deliberate, consistent and thought out. The reason why may shock you. Read more 

After Paris, Netanyahu demands world also condemn attacks against Israelis.
Israelis are ‘not at fault’ for terrorism directed against them, just as the French aren’t to blame for Friday’s attacks, PM says.

‘French now realizing they, and not just Jews, are targets’
Jewish French MP:
Terror in Paris is the VERY same terror as in Israel.
Meyer Habib calls on the world to ‘wake up’ to the reality of the global jihadist threat


The Secret to Defeating Terror Just Got Revealed

As Europe is experiencing these horrible killings,
HOW long does it take the United States to FINALLY and REALLY wake up and act to this danger?

Did we forget that these terrors are right next-door; REMEMBER 911?

> C R I T I C A L   H E A D L I N E S   C O N T I N U E D <

US freezes $370m in aid to PA

House of Representatives blocks State Department request for funds, citing ongoing incitement on social media and in schools.

Hollywood celebs raise $31 million for IDF soldiers

Actors and singers take part in massive FIDF event, showing 'amazing support of Hollywood elite and Jewish community' for Israeli soldiers.

The Islamic State Plan to Conquer Europe

The End of the Free World as we Know it?

This is what is really happening, which has not been reported by the mainstream media!
We have to warn you for some extremely disturbing videos!

Please note that our God & Creator will have the LAST WORD!

Video Of ISIS Militants Executing 1500 Iraqi Army POWs

our God & Creator  will always have the
We encourage you to focus on God's promises, as the Enemy continues to deceive the entire world with his lies!

John 8:44 - Satan has been called the father of ALL LIES.

On His Knees – Ronald Reagan

PLEASE Take Time To Watch This Short Video. Don’t We Wish We Had A President Like Ronald Reagan Right Now And Especially For America’s Future.

ISIS Burns Alive Four Prisoners in Grisly Revenge Flick

Four Shiite prisoners are burned alive in what is seen as a revenge. The four men are accused of being members of the Shiite Popular Resistance Committees who don't support Sunnis' believes. The Shiite prisoners are forced to confess for the camera before the execution.

What is the difference between Shiite and Sunnis?

How much worse can it get?
Evil Forces seek total destruction of God's chosen and everyone who believes that Jesus Christ is their Lord and Savior.
Believe and embrace God's everlasting promises. He will judge all Nations in His timing.

JERUSALEM, Israel – The Palestinian terrorist group Hamas, which rules the Gaza Strip, dug up Christian graves in the Gaza Strip because they said the Christian bodies defiled the land and are burning them.

Read more on JEWSNEWS >>>

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Hamas removed from list of terrorist organizations by European Union court

Hamas should no longer be included on an influential list of international terrorist organizations, an EU court has ruled.

How ignorant can the world get?
Read more on   The Independent


Ant-Semitism is on the rise, not only in Europe, but EVERYWHERE:

How many people are accepting God's promises?
Who is willing stepping up to support God's chosen people?

 How many more Nations will follow Sweden and France in support of the two-sate solution? 

Delivered to UN General Assembly at around 4:00 PM today (Nov 24/14) by Ambassador Ron Prosor where he addresses UNGA debate on the Question of Palestine

An 8 Minute Speech That Perfectly Depicts The Situation In The Middle East

Rabbi Jonathan Sacks sums up the entire conflict in this 8 minute speech: "To be free, you have to let go of hate."
This speech was given in a House of Lords debate on the situation in North Africa and the Middle East. We hope that all of Israel's neighbors, and especially the Palestinian leaders, take his message to heart.

Does Hamas' Renewed Tunnel Digging Concern No One? 

An official Hamas newspaper, Al-Risalah, openly and proudly acknowledged this week that the terror group had renewed the digging of attack tunnels connecting the Gaza Strip to targeted Jewish communities in southern Israel.

And this just days after the international community pledged BILLIONS of dollars to Hamas-ruled Gaza, and while Western leaders are again putting pressure on Israel to restart peace talks with a Palestinian unity government that includes Hamas. Read more on

Islamists Are Preparing to Take Over America and Have Already Initiated Step 1

A Global Slaughter of Christians,
but America’s Churches Stay Silent

More on The Daily Beast

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How much time do we have left to help the Ukrainian People?

we are in process of providing you the latest update:

ISRAEL will ALWAYS CONTINUE to be under FIRE until Jesus comes back

There is much more to read on the

Please support the Children of Southern Israel

Why Israel Opposes International Forces in the Jordan Valley

 Ambassador Ron Prosor to the United Nations
sounds a siren in the Security Council

Why is the World not listening and taking any ACTION?

The Attorney Who Changed The Way The World Looked at Israel Forever

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Watch Episodes on HOW
God performed MIRACLES in Israel against ALL ODDS during the six wars with the Arabs

Nine Myths about Israel

10 misconceptions behind Obama's speech in Israel

Jonathan Cahn's "MESSAGE TO AMERICA"
Jonathan Cahn Addresses the Presidential Inaugural Prayer Breakfast. More click here

Isaiah 17: An Oracle Against Damascus

Why Hamas Will Never Accept Israel

Do Christians and Muslims pray to the same God?

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The MOST Important Video About Israel You'll Ever see..

FDA approves new melanoma drug that turns on the immune system to fight deadly cancers.

Israel Innovation

More facts on How Israel has blessed the entire world!

Israel is a powerhouse in medical innovation. We give you a dozen standouts from a field with many exciting, game-changing candidates

The top 12 most amazing Israeli medical advances

Science and Technology in Israel 

>>>  N O T E W O R T H Y   I N F O   &   R E P O R T S  <<<  continued...


In-Depth Exploration of The City of David in Jerusalem


Israel could send Iran ‘back to the stone age’ with electromagnetic bomb

>>>   MORE   SCIENCE   &   TECHNOLOGY   <<<

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